Stitch Sidekick

Stitch Sidekick is used when stitching patterns. It displays the pattern on the screen, and it also shows where the current stitch needs to be made on the fabric. Once a stitch has been made, clicking the mouse or pressing the spacebar will mark it as complete. These features help to prevent stitches from being missed, duplicated, or placed in the wrong location.

Below is a screen shot of a flower pattern that is being stitched. Click it to enlarge it.

Stitch Sidekick can also create a list of supplies needed for a project.  Suggestions are provided for the floss type to use for each color in the pattern.  Below is a sample; click it to enlarge it.

Since a stitcher’s hands are typically occupied, routine mouse clicks or keyboard usage can be a hassle.  An equipment setup utilized by the author is shown in the following picture: