Installing and Using the Software

Below are details of steps to take for installing the software and stitching a pattern.  Several relatively simple patterns are included and can be used for your first endeavor with the software.

1. Click HERE to get the setup file for Windows (CrossStitchHelperSetup.exe).  It should cause something similar to the following to appear.  If so, select Run.  If not, save the file and then run it.

2. Running CrossStitchHelperSetup.exe should cause the following setup wizard to start.  Click Next.  Review the license terms.  Upon accepting them, click Next.  The software should install.

3. Launch Cross Stitch Helper.  It’s in the Start Menu, and it might also be on the desktop.

4. Click Stitch Sidekick.

5. Click the Open button.

6. Double-click the pattern to stitch.  This example uses one that was made with Pattern Producer.  Several relatively simple patterns are included with the software.

7. After the pattern has loaded, click the Floss button.

8. A list will appear that contains the different colors used in the pattern and suggestions for the ones to fetch from the craft store.  For fabric, 11ct Aida should be ok for the included patterns.

9. Determine which color to stitch and click the corresponding Pattern RGB color block.

10.  Thread the needle with floss.  If 11ct Aida fabric is used, separating the floss into two sets of three strands each should be ok.  Run a few feet of three strands through the eye of the needle and double it to six as shown below.

11. Move the Stitch Sidekick needle marker to a location in the pattern that contains floss of the selected color.

12. Make the stitch on the fabric.

13. Left-click the pattern to mark the stitch as complete.  Alternately, the spacebar can be pressed.  Having a second keyboard on the floor for pressing with toes can be beneficial.

14. Make more stitches, marking each one as complete in the software as soon as the stitch is made on the fabric.

15. Progress pictures are shown below.

16. The completed stitch in its frame is shown below.

The center of the above cross stitch is a poem represented by a QR code:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sheep go BAA
And cows go MOO